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Today's Voice for Dementia, Teepa Snow is one of the world's leading advocates and educators for anyone living with dementia.

Teepa's philosophy is reflective of her education, work experience, medical research, and first hand caregiving experiences.  Her advocacy efforts led her to the development of the GEMS® dementia classification model and the Positive Approach® to Care training strategies.

An Occupational Therapist by trade, she graduated from Duke University and has an MS degree from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  Teepa has over 35 years of clinical experience in the field of geriatrics and dementia care, as well as having provided care to family members with dementing illnesses.  Currently, she has an independent practice as well as a clinical appointment with Duke University's School of Nursing & UNC-CH School of Medicine.  She provides interactive and creative educational and practical hands-on training sessions to organizations and providers throuighout the UIS, Canada, Australia, and the UIK.  She has been actively involved in teaching and clinical research projects throughout her practice career.  Teepa has impacted hunreds of organizations worldwide with her education, and books now sold in over 30 countries. 

Teepa's personal mission is to help others better understand how it feels to be living with dementia.  She utilizes her gifts of role play to demonstrate behavioral states and stages of dementia.  This results in greater understanding for her audiences.

Her company, Positive Approach, LLC, was founded in 2006 and offers person centered training opportunities in the Unites States, Canada, Australia and the UK.  If you visit, you'll find educational video clips, DVDs, books, information on individual certifications, online support groups, newsletter subscriptions, and onsite training.   And you can sign up for the free Demential Journal which goes out every month.

                        Until There's a Cure, There's Care!™

Educational content provided by Positive Approach is used with permission and based on the GEMS® and the techniques, strategies and overall approach to care created and developed by Positive Approach, LLC.

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