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Darrell Rice Kingsport Kiwanis Golf Tournament

Held on the 1st Wednesday in October of each year, the Darrell Rice Kingsport Kiwanis Golf Tournament is the primary fund raising event for the Kingsport Kiwanis Club. The Tournament is held at the Cattails Golf Course at the Meadowview Hotel & Convention Center on Meadowview Parkway just off Exit 3 on I-26.


The 2017 tournament was held on Wednesday, October 4th.  "Thank you" to everyone who participated and/or sponsored the event.  Information, entry forms, and sponsorship information from the event can be referenced here.

Information regarding the 2018 tournament will be released at a later date.


The 2016 tournament was held on Wednesday, October 5th. Teams competed in a Captain's Choice format.  Results are below.

(Ties broken with scorecard playoff.)

 1st Place, First Flight (59):  C. Cox, B. Cox, M. Ritz, T. Hulse

2nd Place, First Flight (59):  D. Poe, D. Foster, R. Wissert, D. Mooney

3rd Place, First Flight (62):  D. Atkinson, S. McCartt, S. Cooper, J. Cooper

1st Place, Second Flight (65):  B. Sade, J. Peters, M. Lowe, R. Keesling

2nd Place, Second Flight (65):  J. Jackson, S. Schallor, J. Ball, B. Luff

3rd Place, Second Flight (65):  G. Godsey, P. Godsey, L. Shoemaker, A. Looney

1st Place, Third Flight (67):  L. Wright, M. Haas, S. Roberts, D. Dan

2nd Place, Third Flight (67):  J. Dickert, J. Tackett, B. Moore, J. Davison

3rd Place, Third Flight (68):  A. Straley, A. Hubbard, P. Kenney, P. Harper

Closest to flag #4:  J. Atkins      Closest to flag #8:  D. Taylor

Closest to flag #12:  M. Ritz      Closest to flag #15:  T. Hulse

Closest to flag #17:  M. Alphin

Longest drive (men) #1:  K. Hill    Longest drive (ladies) #1:  J. Cronan

Longest drive (men) #11:  K. Hill  Longest drive (ladies) #11:  J. Davis